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Year 12 Tourism- Covering Unit Standards 24728 and 24730

This lecture gives the students an insight into work roles, both front line and back of house work roles, within the fascinating and fast-pace tourism Industry. One of our staff members will take the students through the ins and outs of their job, first hand, as well as explaining what it takes to work in tourism. They will also cover products offered at the Agrodome and give statistics on visitor numbers and the markets visiting the Agrodome.

24730 Worksheet click here

24728 Worksheet click here

Year 13 Geography- Covering Achievement Standard 90702

This 20 minute Geography talk covers the history and development of the Agrodome from 1971 to today. We cover important dates in the Agrodome's development and how the Agrodome has changed over time in the face of changing markets and competition. The talk will cover our current situation and where the Agrodome is heading in the future.

To download theĀ Year 13 Geography Worksheet click here

90702 Worksheet click here