Curriculum Options

Geography Level 1, 2, 3 & Tourism

Geography Level 1

Achievement Standard 91009 

Students will be able to complete the assessment task on the sustainable use of the Rotorua environment by tourism. A worksheet which allows the student to collect information and then complete the assessment task to gain four credits during the visit. A detailed assessment schedule is also provided for teachers.

Achievement Standard 91011

Investigate what are the most important attractions and activities for tourists in Rotorua.

Geography Level 2

Achievement Standard 91241

This assessment task allows students to collect information on the urban pattern of Tourism during a visit to tourist attractions and activities in Rotorua.

Geography Level 3

Achievement Standard 91427

Students will be able to collect information on how the cultural process of tourism development has shaped the Rotorua environment while on a visit to Rotorua. Teachers need to provide their own worksheets and activities for some providers. We supply you with a satellite image of the Rotorua Central Business District, a map of the Rotorua urban are to show tourist attractions & a map of the Rotorua CBD. Talk provided on request.


Unit Standard 24728

Demonstrate knowledge of work roles in Tourism. Talk and worksheet supplied on request.

Unit Standard 24730

Demonstrate knowledge of the business of tourism. Talk and worksheet supplied on request.