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Rare Breeds

We don’t only have common New Zealand sheep breeds!

Here at the Agrodome we don’t only have common New Zealand sheep breeds such as the Romney and Merino, we also have many rare breeds of sheep roaming the 350acre farm. These rare breeds are from different places all round the world including Britain, Africa, the Baltics, the Middle East and New Zealand.

If you join our Farm Tour you'll get to see these different breeds whilst your exploring the farm....and you’ll notice that they all look quite different!

Worldwide original breeds of farm animals have dwindled to low numbers and many have died out. Even a common breed can become rare and then extinct in a very short time unless someone is caring for it. 

The Agrodome aims to do our part in maintaining the population of rare breeds and to give our visitors the rare opportunity to see them. 

Rare breeds at the Agrodome include:

  • Arapawa Sheep, A Rare Breed of New Zealand Origin.  
  • Dorset Horn Sheep, A Rare Breed of British Origin. 
  • Damara Sheep, A Rare Breed of African Origin.
  • Karakul Sheep, A Rare Breed of Middle Eastern Origin. 
  • Dorper Sheep, A Rare Breed of South African Origin. 
  • Drysdale Sheep, A Minority Breed of New Zealand Origin. 
  • Gotland Pelt Sheep, A Rare Breed of Baltic Origin. 
  • Jacob Sheep, Origin unknown. 
  • Pitt Island Sheep, A Rare Breed of New Zealand Origin.