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Visiting Agrodome from a cruise ship

Shore Excursions

Agrodome is a popular inclusion in many shore excursion programmes offered by the cruise lines. The Port of Tauranga is the closest to us so if you are travelling to New Zealand on a cruise, look out for us when you’re planning your Tauranga shore excursion.

Shore excursions are the most convenient way of planning your time off the ship, as they arrange transportation, a great selection of activities and attractions to see in the limited time you have on land, and sometimes even organise a unique stop for lunch all for the one price declared up front. And better still, they will ensure you make it back to the ship in time to set sail overnight!

For Shore Excursion options try Shore Trips & Tours.

Transfers / Tours ex Wharf

There are a number of companies who offer transfers through to Rotorua and Agrodome at the Tauranga Wharf. If you prefer to travel this way, please look out for them when you arrive.

Independent Travel

You can always make your own way to the Agrodome to experience life down on the farm on our various activities, we are approximately a 1hr 15 min drive from the Port of Tauranga.