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The show at the Agrodome was packed with fun, adventure and education. The hosts were very knowledgeable and explained the differences between all the sheep. They showed us how to shear, how to make lanolin, and I even got to hop up on stage and milk a cow! We watched the dogs do their tricks and even the ducks.


“Our visit to Agrodome was fantastic. Being "city folk" it was very interesting (and funny) to see what it takes to run a sheep farm… Our kids absolutely loved feeding the animals and getting their photos taken with the baby lambs. A great day out for the whole family, highly recommended!”

“An afternoon of fun - one not to be missed whether you are nine or ninety.”

“The Agrodome was our favorite spot in New Zealand.”

“We got to feed the alpacas, sheep, lambs and cattle on the little train, it is great for all age groups and the children especially loved it. The dog shows and sheep shearing were excellent… A definite must see in Rotorua.”

“My favorite part was when they had the dogs run over the backs of the sheep, very impressive! There is a petting zoo next to the show stage where you can pet lambs… and set them in your lap for a close encounter that is sure to please the kids. After the show I took the farm tour, which was very enjoyable!”

“If you have not visited the Agrodome, then you don't know what you are missing. It's a fabulous show for overseas visitors and Kiwis alike. Very informative and humorous.”

“Great Show! Townies and farmers alike will enjoy this great display of Kiwi farming.”

“...Hit with the kids, don't miss the sheep show for sheep rearing, and fun! Take the farm tour for a real farm like experience and animal feeding...kids had a blast...”

“Very well trained dogs, was amazing to watch. Heaps of fun for the whole family!”

“We did the organic Farm tour, which was fantastic. Our two young children thoroughly enjoyed it and getting that close to the animals and feeding them was unbelievable.”

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