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Agrodome Joins Global Campaign to Promote Wool

Rotorua New Zealand: Iconic New Zealand tourism attraction The Agrodome has joined the International Wool Textile Organisation’s campaign to promote the use and benefits of natural wool.

The Campaign for Wool is a global coalition of sheep farmers, manufacturers, designers, retailers and supporters with a common goal to educate consumers on the value, benefits and versatility of wool.

Grant Kilby, General Manager of The Agrodome, said: ”If it weren’t for wool we wouldn’t exist as an attraction, so it’s time we gave something back to the industry.
“We are planning a range of programmes to highlight the benefits of wool, over and above our stage show based around 19 champion rams presented to our visitors. Both of our retail stores will promotion of woollen based products as well as offering education and literature in a number of languages. 
“We are also planning a major event later this year which will include wool as well having historical significance.”

Godfrey Bowen, a world champion sheep shearer, NZ Wool Ambassador and Chairman of the NZ Wool Board, founded The Agrodome with farmer George Harford after producing a show to promote NZ wool at World Expo 70 in Osaka Japan in 1970. The Agrodome opened in Rotorua in 1971, based around the success of the Osaka Expo show, and has been a premier NZ tourist attraction ever since. It still features trained rams and sheep farming at the centre of an attraction that has grown to become an exposition of New Zealand’s unique agricultural and horticultural scene.

Godfrey Bowen and George Harford were ultimately both awarded MBEs from the Queen for outstanding service and achievement. Over the years, the now world famous Farm Show has been delivered by some of New Zealand’s very best sheep shearers, such as Ivan Bowen, five times world champion.