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An awesome array of activities, all set in 350-acres of lush farmland… the Agrodome is a seriously fun team building destination!

We can accommodate groups of 5 to 500, and all our activities can be tailored to suit your team’s abilities, your time frames and your objectives for the day.

Our experienced, dynamic facilitators will keep the energy high and the laughter rolling, as they move your group from challenge to challenge, keeping score to find the winning team of the day!

Team Challenges!


Human Dog Trial

Team members act as ‘dogs’, working against time to round up three sheep and herd them around a course and into a pen. Enjoyable for all fitness levels.

Milk a Cow & Swamp Crossing Relay

The team walk the planks without falling into the swamp – but only one route will work! Once across, each team member milks a cow into a cup to help fill a container at the other end of the course, then they try to make butter!


Rebuild a Handpiece

2 team members have a set time to follow a diagram and put a shearer’s handpiece back together. When time is up, the next 2 team members try. Simple? Not when you consider the diagram is out of sight!

Vehicle Pulling

Each team must find the correct key among a number in a stack of hay to open a vehicle door, and then haul their vehicle to the finish line.

Electric Fence Challenge

Teams climb through a large fence with gaps in it. Some gaps are large, some small, some high, some low! Do not touch the ‘electric fence’, and each gap can only be used once!

Build a Fence

Teams of 2 build a fence – but each pair can only use 2 arms and 3 legs! The best stock-proof fence wins the points.

Hay Stacking

Teams memorise a diagram showing stacked hay, then have to repeat the pattern with real hay. Teamwork is key to achieving points for time and accuracy.

Navigation Race

Half of each team navigate blindfolded through an obstacle course. Sighted teammates on the sidelines call instructions to guide their partners to obtain the correct object and return to the finish.

The Amazing Race

Based on the famous TV series, this fast-paced foot race combines the best of our team building challenges with cryptic clues, roadblocks and pit stops. A great way to boost team spirits and bring out the competitor in everyone! Twists and turns along the way can turn the game on its head, meaning everyone regardless of age, or ability, is in with a shot.

Adrenalin Activities

Choose to combine our fun farming challenges with some of the extreme thrills at the neighbouring Agroventures adventure park – Bungy Jumping, Jet Boat rides and more. There is also the famous Zorb and the aMAZEme challenge – a 1.4 kilometre hedge maze.

Snacks & Drinks

We can arrange ‘snack attack packs’ for each person, or set up snack stations at certain activities. When the day is done, your team can relax with drinks and delicious dining in one of our 6 venues – from a themed barn, outdoors beside a roaring fire, or under the vines.


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